Laone Kenosi

My name is Laone Kenosi. I am a 29-year-old woman from Ramotswa, Botswana. I am currently the administrator at Dare To Dream. My journey with Dare To Dream began in June 2021 when I became one of the 30 lucky participants of the Youth Employment Accelerator Program, a partnership program between Dare to Dream and First National Bank (FNB) Botswana. My story is no different from many of my fellow youth in Botswana. I was unemployed and impacted very badly by COVID-19. I applied for several jobs but to no avail. People who already had jobs were also losing their jobs and as much as I tried to remain positive and hopeful about the situation, I ended up getting depressed. In October 2020, I moved to a village called Masunga to help my aunt and her two young children. My aunt used to send me different adverts for job vacancies, but none of them ever got back to me because I was not qualified or lacked experience.One day, a friend sent me an advert looking for youth who are passionate about science, technology, engineering,arts,mathematics and entrepreneurship to join the Youth Employment Accelerator Program organized by Dare To Dream. source: