On May 3rd – 7th 2022, Dare To Dream hosted the School Holiday Program seeing some of the youngest and brightest minds from towns across Botswana gracing the week in attendance.

The week kick-started with the girls and boys making introductions and familiarizing themselves with each other as well as their instructors. We set the foundation with what they expected to learn from the week long training.

As the day of activities progressed, the students proceeded to learn about the A380, the different parts of the A380 and where they are manufactured as well as how it is assembled .They built a loader as an example of the Beluga and also programmed it, giving it instructions to go left, right and straight at different speeds. It was such a great watch to see them hands on and using their thinking skills to make sure the instructions are perfected to the core! They went on to assemble a 3D printed A380 and programmed it as well.

The fourth day came by quickly, the kids took a short quiz on general knowledge as well as questions on geography, science and aerospace. This was one battle that no team wanted to lose on but ultimately we saw the overall highest points being scooped by the “one woman team” being Bianca, whereas Letsile and Tumelo’s teams came in second and third respectively.

On the last day of the program, the students completed their First LEGO League programs and put their robots to the test by attempting to complete missions. They also worked together on the TWIN Science Discovery Sets where they put the science theory they learn in school to the test. Lastly, at the end of the program, the kids expressed how attending the boot camp was really helpful to them as they were now able to understand some of the concepts which they did not understand in school. Proving that hands on experiences go hand in hand with the theorical part.