DARE TO DREAM is a social enterprise based at Botswana Innovation hub Science and Technology Park,dedicated to the advancement of youth,women and girls in STEAME as well as Aviation and Aerospace.STEAME stands for Science ,Technology , Engineering , Arts ,Mathematics and Entrepreneurship.



To Build African Global Excellence in STEAME as well as Aviation Aerospace


Taking off from Africa our purpose is to create hubs where African excellence can be nurtured and be readied for Global Brilliance. DARE TO DREAM aspires to be the leading organisation advancing the next generation of aviation and space leaders, business aviation leaders of tomorrow not only in Botswana but across the African Continent.


Our Value Proposition


We positively impact the lives of youth, women and girls through education, networking, mentorship and scholarships. We use the latest technological advance to INSPIRE to shape change by supporting the next generation of leaders in STEAME as well as Aviation and Aerospace

" We INSPIRE to shape Change"

  • I novate
  • N avigate
  • S upport
  • P romote
  • I nvest
  • R espect
  • E mpower