Dare To Dream : Flying 60 School Girls on Air Botswana

 Partnering up with Air Botswana and the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana, Dare to Dream was able to host 60 girls from different rural communities and underprivileged backgrounds from three schools in Botswana: 20 girls from Artesia Junior Secondary School, 20 girls from Mmakgori Primary School, and 20 girls from Mahupu Unified School.

The students were overjoyed at the airport, before and after the flight. Maatla Molongwa – a 15-year-old at
Mahupu Unified secondary school who is from the village of Takatokwane – said that this was an educational opportunity, and they should not lose hope simply because they are from rural areas. Molongwa said she felt encouraged by the experience and was thrilled to discover these opportunities were possible after she finished her schooling. Molongwa and her schoolmates are excited to be invited back for more aviation-themed events. They would love to learn more about the engineering and logistics sectors of the aviation industry in Botswana.


 Dare to Dream operates completely on donations and provided the event at no cost to the students. The goal is
to invite students from every district in Botswana (and eventually every district in southern Africa) to participate in a discovery flight or to learn about airport operations, so if you are interested in connecting young people with aviation, please visit https://daretodream.co.bw/.

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