TECHNOVATION FOR GIRLS PROGRAMME Cummins Botswana whose aim is to improve economic prospects for individuals as well as the communities in which they operate selected Gaborone Senior Secondary School (GSS)

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FIRST LEGO LEAGUE EXPERIENCE WHAT IS FIRST LEGO LEAGUE? The FIRST LEGO League program introduces STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to students through fun, exciting hands-on learning that is enjoyable

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SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM On May 3rd – 7th 2022, Dare To Dream hosted the School Holiday Program seeing some of the youngest and brightest minds from towns across Botswana gracing

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WOMEN IN TECH BRUNCH (2022) In our efforts to give support to the tech entrepreneursnip ecosystem in Africa Dare To Dream hosted the Women in Tech Brunch in partnership with

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Laone Kenosi

My name is Laone Kenosi. I am a 29-year-old woman from Ramotswa, Botswana. I am currently the administrator at Dare To Dream. My journey with Dare To Dream began in June 2021 when I became one of the 30 lucky participants of the Youth Employment Accelerator Program, a partnership program between Dare to Dream and First National Bank (FNB) Botswana.
My story is no different from many of my fellow youth in Botswana. I was unemployed and impacted very badly by COVID-19. I applied for several jobs but to no avail. People who already had jobs were also losing their jobs and as much as I tried to remain positive and hopeful about the situation, I ended up getting depressed. In October 2020, I moved to a village called Masunga to help my aunt and her two young children. My aunt used to send me different adverts for job vacancies, but none of them ever got back to me because I was not qualified or lacked experience.One day, a friend sent me an advert looking for youth who are passionate about science, technology, engineering,arts,mathematics and entrepreneurship to join the Youth Employment Accelerator Program organized by Dare To Dream.


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Edwin Molatise

I’m Edwin Molatise, i’m currently employed as Creative Director and i’m a visual communications designer by profession.

I met Kgomotso Phatsima 4 years ago, I admired her work and what she was doing for the community and decided to reach out and joined her foundation as member and mentee. Along those years I was thoughly guided, coached and adviced as I was still a university student. But through the work, experience and the guidance from Kgomotso Phatsima and Dare to Dream, I did very well at school as graduated top of my class and school with few academic awards and a scholarship.

Still through her support and guidance, I have grown personally and professionally as she continues to inspire, motivate and push me for better. It is through Kgomotso Phatsima and Dare to Dream that also aspire to one day give back to my community in Kgalagadi and inspire the next generation of creatives like me.

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Obogolo Koomane

Obonolo Koomane, Chief Instructor at NGAP Academy, met Captain Kgomotso Phatsima when he was 17 years old. She inspired him to pursue aviation.

She was the first pilot he had met, and he says he wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for the mentorship he received from Dare to Dream. He feels strongly about giving back and hopes that love of aviation is ignited by seeing an airplane up close.

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